Getting back to Work – Covid Safety Plan 

Covid Safety Plan

I would like to assure you that enhanced safety measures in line with Government guidelines is in place and as such my Hair and Make-Up hygiene policy has been updated. Health & Safety measures have always been in place but due to COVID19, enhanced precautions are there to protect you, your bridal party and myself.

I have made sure my professional kit is ready to go when I return to work, which has meant re-cleaning everything and disinfecting every single product, tool, trolley, bag and container.

As a side note, some of you know I offer Airbrush Make-Up. Airbrushing remains the most hygienic form of make-up application. It requires no touching of the face with brushes or fingers and can be applied at a greater working distance. More information can be found

I will be practicing social distancing when working around others and outside the workplace, have been fully vaccinated and twice weekly doing COVID19 Self-Testing to take care of you all.

I detail below a summary of what to expect and ask for your support in this new way of working. If you wish to view the full Hair and Make-Up Hygiene Policy, please let me know.

A small charge due to PPE, increased costs of products and extra tools will apply for each person.

    Prior To Appointment

    Hair & Make-Up appointments may take longer than usual as safety is my priority. Please allow for this when booking appointment. Appointments will be scheduled to include time to clean and disinfect workstation, products and tools before and after each client and to avoid multiple clients in the salon / room. 

    No hand shaking or hugging allowed (for those who know me, this will be tough) so please do not be offended.

    For Group/Wedding bookings, the Bride / Organiser MUST provide contact details for each person of the group/bridal party for Contact Tracing. This information will be completed on the COVID19 Client Form and will be held for 21 days after date of appointment/wedding date.  

    I will ask you to complete an online COVID19 Client Form, this needs to be returned within 24 hours of appointment. If the answer is Yes to any of questions on the COVID19 Client Form, the service may not be able to  go ahead. If the appointment is for a trial, this can be rescheduled for a later date.


    Day of Appointment

    Your appointment will take a little longer than usual why I get used to the new way of working (decanting fluids/powders on sterile palette).

    Salon: A dedicated workstation with appropriate social distancing from other clients will be used. Please use the bathroom before arriving for your appointment and be on time. Bring minimum belongings with you, wear a face mask and come alone.

    House/Wedding Venue: I ask that there is a separate room provided to carry out the services safely.  A window will be opened for ventilation. Bridal party or family members must refrain from coming into the room until they are called for. Only one client and myself in the room at any one time.  

    Brides should refrain from bringing a friend or mum along to their trial at salon or at their home.

    You will be asked to wash / sanitize your hands before sitting down in make-up chair. Extra Hand sanitizers have been added to my kit for use by clients.

    I will be wearing a face shield/visor and mask whilst working, my hands will be washed before and after each client. 

    Hair and Make-Up products and tools will be sanitized in between clients. 

    I have bought extra make-up brushes so that every client will now have their own set. 

    Anyone turning up showing COVID symptoms or recently been exposed to someone with Coronavirus will be refused service. Sorry.

    Online Bank Transfer preferred however, Cash can be accepted for exact amount.  

      Covid-19 Client Form

      COVID19 Client Form

      Pre-Screen Questions

      If you answer 'Yes' to the following question and have not been vaccinated, YOU MUST SELF-ISOLATE. I kindly ask if possible that you carry out a Lateral Flow Test before appointment. After the appointment if you do begin to suffer any COVID symptoms, please advise ASAP.

      Contact Tracing

      As part of COVID19 guidelines and to support the NHS Test & Trace Programme, I am required to register clients for contact tracing for 21 days. Please complete the following for you and your bridal party. Click on the '+' to add further names. Please be assured, this will not be added to any Marketing campaigns.

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